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Thread: persistant changes usb

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    Default persistant changes usb

    Hey everyone been hanging around this site for awile now
    got bt3 setup on one of my 2gig lexar fireflys afue months ago
    tried setting up compiz to work with my ati card kinda like i did in ubuntu and it crashed so i didnt do much with it since i allready use to to mess around with my houses wep key
    i got back into it due to nothing els to do in these cold months and
    ive been trying to get this persistant changes thing working
    so far it noticed the partition setup a crapload of folders in it
    but it still as far as i know dont save nothing
    so duz persistant changes mean it will save things like my default wep keys in the wifi manager so i dont need to keep entering them everytime i boot up ? also things like bookmarks and home page ?
    it seems most tuts tell you to do all the formating in linux so im going to try to run bt on one thumb drive and format and install it threw that onto another one, go back in and add the changes= lines after i got it booting and everything from the new install with partitions
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    Default Got it working finaly

    it didnt put the changes folder in there
    gives a cannot load union error apon bootup
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    usb download of BT3 has option for percentent changes be defualt ... look for USB tutorials there

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    First you need two usb sticks, one too boot backtrack, while you are setting up the other usb.

    So boot into backtrack and wait for the page to load.

    Insert the second usb it needs two be at lest 2 gig in size but larger is better.

    open qtparted, and write down the names of each usb usally sdb, and sdc but it can be others. ( i will add pictures when i'm a junior member)

    now we are going to use fdisk too create two partitions one to boot backtrack and one two save changes.

    open a command prompt and type fdisk /dev/xxx (replace x with the name of your usb ) example fdisk /dev/sdb

    (note you want to add the usb that is empty not the usb you loaded backtrack with)

    at the next prompt type P

    you will see some infomation regarding your usb, it should be empty. If it's not and since your a noob go back to windows and formatt the usb properly.
    (note you can use fdisk but i'd like to add pictures for that.)

    now type n then enter
    then p then enter
    then 1 and enter
    press enter again
    on the next line add +1084M and then press enter

    now you have just created one partion with a size of one gig.

    then again n , then enter
    p then enter,
    2 and enter
    then enter
    and enter again

    now you have just created the second partion with the remaing memory left on your usb.

    (i know pictures would help)

    now type a then enter
    1 then enter
    this makes partion 1 bootable

    now type t then enter
    1 then enter
    then b and enter
    this turns partion 1 into fat 32

    now t again and enter
    then 2 and enter
    then 83 and enter
    turns partition 2 into linux

    type p to check out your work and if it's all good type w .

    w will save the changes.
    (note it's a good idea to restart the computer as you might see error 16 device busy this is ok just reboot.) (make sure it's with the same usb you booted with the first time and not the usb with two partitions you just created,)

    after you reboot open a command prompt and type
    umount /dev/xxx1 (replace x with the name of your usb that you just created) press enter

    then type mkdosfs - F32 /dev/xxx1 then enter.

    now type umount /dev/xxx2 and enter
    then type mkfs.ext2 /dev/xxx2 then enter .
    note wait for the superblock to finish writing.

    when it finished type mkdir /mnt/xxx1 then enter
    if it says file exsists thats ok
    now type mount /dev/xxx1 /mnt/xxx1 then enter
    now type mkdir /mnt/xxx2 then enter
    file exsists thats ok
    now type mount /dev/xxx2 /mnt/xxx2 then enter

    ok now manually copy boot and bt3 folders from the usb you loaded backtrack with and copy them over too xxx1 .
    you will also note that under xxx2 is a file called lost and found thats good

    now manually open syslinux.cfg
    you do this by going to xxx1 and clicking boot folder , syslinux folder then click on syslinux.cfg

    then scroll down the page and edit the append line under persistent changes not kde or vesa. After rw type changes=/dev/xxx2 .after xxx2 auto should start. Once again delete everything in the middle of rw .

    now in a terminal type cd then enter
    then /mnt/xxx1/boot/ then hit enter
    a screen will pop up make sure it says xxx1 will boot slax if it says that hit enter.

    now for the finall commands
    mkdir /mnt/xxx2 /changes hit enter
    umount /dev/xxx1 hit enter
    umount /dev/xxx2

    and thats it

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    yeppers!! that is what i did allmost to the T
    only now i use my old 10 gig partition from ubuntu on my hard drive to save changes and let my 2 gig usb have more space it says it got full to quick with a couple cap files only bout 300mb left on the 1 gig partition after bt is copied over to em
    the big thing is to make sure you make the changes folder manually or it gets stuck booting at loading union
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