I've got another 6 months of being a bum until I start college in September, I can either get a job or find a short-ish course to go on until then, Ive always thought about a career In IT, I have an excellent background of experience with PC's from general construction to networking and modding so I'm confident that I'll be able to handle a course even if it is at a professional level.

Ive been looking over courses but most are provided by private companies that do not provide free training for young adults. Does anyone know of somewhere in London that does a comprehensive range of courses associated with linux/networking/pentesting. Ive been messing about with cracking my own WPA network and I enjoy using Linux , I would like to take this further and get myself some kind of certification, even if it doesn't lead to a career in IT I think its time I got myself some kind of acknowledgment for my years and years of gathering IT knowledge

I read about a course named "Security+" in another thread, if someone could maybe give me information on other common entry level courses associated with Linux network/security that would be great

thanks in advance and I'm really not sure how many UK members there are in this community but any advice international or not is welcome