Hi all. *NOOB ALERT* As we speak I am writing my persistant USB. I have followed a few tutorials and they're slightly different. Which has now confused this idiotic noob! Why do some state i need 2 partitions and what if i didn't do it? Also, now if my persistant USB is up and running with no problems, how can i completely remove the BT4 and GRUB loader i have installed on my hard drive without messing up my windows 7. Last time i un-installed a Backtrack system, i had to wipe the entire drive because the windows MBR was gone and refused to be repaired. Also, (instead of starting a new thread), is it possible for a noob like me to strip out all the unwanted programs out of Backtrack to save valuable disk space? Thanks in advance for your help. And if either of these questions have already been asked by another noob, i am sorry. I could not locate either questions in the search.