Hello gurus,
first of all let me say that my linux experience is limited to some linux-embedded system, so without a GUI.
I successfully installed BT3 final on a 2Gb USB stick, using a second ext2 partitions for changes.
All worked fine until I discovered that GSlapt is present in menu but not available.
So I installed slap-get from fast-track menu.
Next I updated and installed GSlapt.

As result now my laptop (Asus F9S) LCD doesn't want to work at native resolution (1280x800), but it's limited to 1024x768 (stretched image), and the entire set of icons, windows is changed

It seems to me it's a problem related to X11.6.8.2-i486-10_slack10.2, installed during GSlept install.

Is there a way to re-configure without to reinstall all ?

Thanks in advance.