First off hello, this is my firsts time posting here but I've been following the forums for a good half year now. I really appreciate the fact you guys take time out of your day to help newbie solve issues like this.
So the problem is "Warning: re-reading the partition table failed with error 22: Invalid argument." After following several guides this seemed to get me the furthest.

click KDE menu
System Information
Storage Device
here you will get list of all mounted devices
for a hazel free installation it is necessary that you unmount all the physical partitions because by default after booting using live DVD backtrack will mount all partitions.

Choose partition
right click
hda-first hard-disk
hdc-second hard-disk

I am assuming you are using hdc---- (in my case the drive is called hdc1)

open xterm
bt~#fdisk /dev/hdc

p (view partition table)

n (create new partition at this point if you getting error no free sectors delete one of partition(warning:all data would be lost on that partition))

p (primary)

1 (partition 1)


+4200M (size for partition one.its root.storing files,downloaded data)

n (new partition)

p (primary)



+64M (it would be our boot partition)

n (new partition)

p (primary)



+522M (swap partition,double the amount of system RAM)

p (newly created partition table)

t (table for changing system partition id)

3 (that is our swap partition.def set to 83)

82 (making hdc3 partition as swap by changing its id from 83 to 82)

p (check partition table)

w (save changes)

all is well except when i save "Warning: re-reading the partition table failed with error 22: Invalid argument." follows. Googled the error and got a bunch of non-related topics. Any help would be great