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(Original thread in BackTrack3 Howtos section)

I'm trying to upgrade BT3 to 2.6.28 and add Intel's WiFi drivers so I can get my Intel WiFi 5100 AGN wifi chip in my notebook to work. I have a 16gb USB drive so I partitioned it 3 ways:

1.5gb FAT32 BackTrack 3 USB Install
6gb Ext3 BT3 Workspace
~7gb FAT32 for my files I need, etc.

I installed BT3 onto the 1.5gb partition and booted from there. Set up for the new kernel like this:

Extracted kernel files to /mnt/sdc2/newkernel
Changed install.sh to look like this:

Ran install.sh, selected option 2 for ISO. Asked for location of BT3 iso, which was /mnt/sdc2/bt3final_usb.iso. Walked away from it (as it took awhile to move the files) and came back to a few errors, some of them being things like "cannot find file /mnt/sdc2/tmp/usr.lzm" (if I remember correctly). Still made the ISO at ~280mb, quite smaller than original ISO image? Not sure if this is right.

I've had a few unsuccessful attempts already at this, but this is the closest I've gotten. I read in the original post that it must complete without errors for it to work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!

Thanks for any help in advance.