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Thread: Nigerian 419 scammer emails, have some fun!

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    If I were you I would send him 1 million Turkish lira and tell him he now owes you.

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    [12:26] Akins: hello William
    [12:26] william: hello
    [12:27] Akins: i got ur message
    [12:27] Akins: what are u really talking abt coz, u've once told me that i have the remaining money of $3150 wit u and now saying another story
    [12:28] william: i have the cash on me, I've been spending it on my girlfriend.
    [12:28] Akins: why ?????????????????????????
    [12:28] william: because I love her.
    [12:28] william: i'll mail your wii, but I need a U.S. address.
    [12:29] william: the sooner you give me an address, I'll send it, along with the remaining money.
    [12:29] Akins: can u help me send it int'l through Money Gram instead of Westrn Union ??
    [12:30] william: they wont send it because it's international. I have to have a US address to send the money. I told you this many times.
    [12:30] william: my girlfriend wants to spend the rest, I have about 2k left.
    [12:30] Akins: money gram will send it
    [12:31] Akins: pls can u help me try money gram now and very sure that they will send it
    [12:31] william: they said not to, as it may be a scam. I don't understand this, but took their advise.
    [12:31] Akins: money gram will
    [12:31] Akins: remb u havent try money gram ?
    [12:31] william: why not just take the money at the address you sent the cashiers check from?
    [12:31] Akins: coz the person is not around now
    [12:32] william: when will he be back? I can send it and they can pick it up.
    [12:32] Akins: why dont u wanna send it via money gran internationaly ?
    [12:32] william: i'm old and don't understand these money transfer things. I like the old fashioned way of sending it.
    [12:33] Akins: money gram will send it and am very sure of that
    [12:33] william: so i have to take this money to a money gram place and have them send it too you?
    [12:33] Akins: to the international informations i gave
    [12:34] Akins: i gave u b4
    [12:34] Akins: or should i resend the informations ????
    [12:34] william: i have your emails, i'll look through them. I have so many different addresses though. I thought you wanted me to send it to texas first. your confusing me.
    [12:35] Akins: i want it send to the international address
    [12:35] Akins: i can give you that now
    [12:35] william: ok
    [12:35] william: but where do I send the wii?
    [12:35] Akins: same add
    [12:36] william: but that must go ups, and they said not to send it. you see why I'm frustrated? I've had 3,000 in my pocket for a week, and my girlfriend wants to spend it all.
    [12:37] Akins: send the wii vis USPS
    [12:37] Akins: not UPS
    [12:37] william: i already spend 1000 dollars, is that ok? I get paid tomorrow if you can wait another day.
    [12:37] william: she wanted me to buy her a new dress and some vibrators.
    [12:38] Akins: am ok with the 2k
    [12:38] Akins: help me send it today b4 ur gf spend it finish
    [12:39] william: that is very generous of you. is it ok if I spend anymore? she is here with me and wanted me to ask you.
    [12:39] william: oh, i have some games for the wii too. did you want those?
    [12:42] Akins: pack everything together with the Wii
    [12:42] Akins: can u send it now via Money Gram ???
    [12:42] william: but I just told you UPS wont ship it, they said it could be a scam. I dont understand because I have all this money from you.
    [12:43] william: now? I have to wait for my butler to pick me up and drive me to town.
    [12:43] Akins: USPS not UPS
    [12:43] william: I have the wii in a box, but no way of sending it.
    [12:43] william: oh.
    [12:43] Akins: send it through USPS npt UPS
    [12:43] Akins: ok ?
    [12:43] william: i can try them, will they be more friendly?
    [12:44] william: why don't I just put the cash in with the wii? That way I only have to make one stop. my bunnions are killing me, so the less walking the better.
    [12:44] william: and then my girlfriend wont bother me anymore about buying more vibrators.
    [12:47] william: btw, why are you a different name with your hotmail? I thought your name was angelika czernecki.
    [12:47] william: yes.
    [12:47] william: is this your boyfriends account?
    [12:48] Akins: am using my manage's hotmail
    [12:48] william: you have a pretty name. my girlfriend likes it.
    [12:48] Akins: which one of them the gmail or hotmail ?
    [12:48] william: can you send me a picture, she is asking.
    [12:49] william: she likes akins. I liked angelika.
    [12:49] Akins: william, i can send you as many pix as u want as soon as money and the pakcage has been send
    [12:49] Akins: ok ?
    [12:50] william: i'd feel better knowing what you looked like, call me old fashioned
    [12:50] Akins: can i have phone number ?
    [12:51] william: 713 693 5000
    [12:51] Akins: is this ur number or voice mail ?
    [12:51] william: thats my number. please call me and send a picture!
    [12:52] william: are you calling me?
    [12:52] Akins: i cant any pix now until the money and the package is been send
    [12:52] Akins: can u call ur bank and let me know now ????
    [12:52] william: ok. i will.
    [12:54] Akins: i really need the money to pay hotel bills here william and i cant undersatnd why u'r doing this for me
    [12:54] william: bank said they can do money gram. we are good to go. just call me so I know I can trust you.
    [12:55] Akins: u can trust me then what is gonna happend ?
    [12:55] william: i'll go to my bank and send it via money gram.
    [12:55] william: then you send me a picture
    [12:55] Akins: i can tell my manager to call u soon
    [12:56] Akins: i can send any pix until this is done
    [12:56] william: ok, i'll wait for your call then.
    [12:56] Akins: how abt the package?
    [12:57] william: i only have a house phone. after you call I'll leave for the bank.
    [12:57] Akins: ok
    [12:57] Akins: i'll tell him and his gonna call you any moment from now
    [12:57] william: oh goody!
    [12:58] Akins: and u promise to get the money send after the call ?
    [12:58] william: yes.
    [12:58] Akins: and the package too ?
    [12:58] william: of course, with the games!
    [12:59] Akins: ok but............
    [13:00] Akins: william pls dont talk to any other id that might try to confuse abt the deal coz am using the hotel pubilc cyber cafe and there many pple here....ok???
    [13:01] william: ok, i'm ready to go as soon as you call me.
    [13:01] Akins: its my hotel manager that is gonna call you not me
    [13:01] Akins: ok ?
    [13:01] william: ok
    [13:02] Akins: i'll go and call him now to do that
    [13:02] Akins: huh ?
    [13:02] william: ok
    [13:03] Akins: do u knw i have been humilated coz of the hotel bills ?
    [13:03] william: i'm so sorry. i feel real bad for you.
    [13:03] william: and i've been buying vibrators. I feel so selfish now.
    [13:03] Akins: u do ?
    [13:03] william: yes, i'm sorry about this. women cant be trusted with money.
    [13:03] Akins: and i really need u to help me send the 2k today
    [13:04] william: i'm ready to go, just waiting for the call.
    [13:04] Akins: okie
    [13:04] Akins: brb
    [13:09] Akins: ur's or FBI ?
    [13:09] william: The FBI? Oh my God!
    [13:10] Akins: my manager just called now and he said it was FBI number
    [13:10] Akins: u'r a bloody thief scammer
    [13:10] william: haha bitch! Glad I at least got a long distance call out of you! Go **** yourself! -out

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    Beautifully done and I really enjoyed the read.
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    Very nice Will... classic

    Kind of reminds me of the shenanigans of one George Abdudadwango and the monies
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    Careful you might get in trouble for having people prank calling the FBI.
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    Very nice.

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    Williamc ............ this is hilarious !!! Great job. !!!

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    ROFL that made my day!

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    Thanks Williamc nice laugh indeed. Almost made me spill my morning coffee.
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    THX for the reading. Awesome how stupid these people are!
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