So far this is what I have to say about it, it is way more powerful then the piece of shit dlink dwl-g630 and the ipw2200 I have been using... I plugged it in and it worked right out of the box in BT3F... I have managed to successfully crack wep and connect using wep, I haven't tried wpa / wpa2 yet though... I also got something else that I feel is worth mentioning which is a 1w signal booster ran in line with my Alfa which I am surprised to say that according to airodump-ng the booster really does make a nice difference in my power levels and rxq it shows an increase of about 20 in the power level on all the ap's within range as opposed to just using the Alfa on its own... as a side note I would like to add that I am using an 8db omni with my tx power level at 30... the only bitch I have to far is that it seems to be stuck in 802.11b (connecting at 11Mb/s) I haven't tried to look and see if anybody has figured out how to get 802.11g (54Mb/s) working yet... anyway thats all I got so far hope this helps feel free to comment