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Thread: airolib database taking longer than advertised

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    Default airolib database taking longer than advertised

    ok sorry to post this again but in the newbie area and in the backtrack3 final area my post is doing nothing but getting buried and no one has made a peep. i apologize now if i shouldn't be re-posting this but it's been a few days since i first put it up. anyway here goes:

    In xlpoitz's tutorial on using airolib to make cracking wpa faster, he states it would roughly take half the time to create the database and run aircrack than it would using straight dictionary attack. everything i see on these boards suggests that it takes LONGER to make the database and i am seeing the same results. does airolib run faster if i use the versions of aircrack and sqlite in the way that was suggested in the tutorial? otherwise, i'm out of ideas.

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