After trying and reading I finally managed to connect to an open AP ( YESS, I'm the master).

Enough of that, I'm pretty new to wireless issues.

I am running BT2 final on my inspiron with a centrino chipset with a ubiquity src.

And in this forum I read about the fact, that netdiscover is intended to discover only, if I belong to a network.
So, I connected to an open AP, got an IP Adress, and I even could reach the internet.

But netdiscover ( tried on all interfaces, wifio, ath0-ath3 - they suddenly appear, when using airmon-ng on wifi0 - until now I haven't found any usefull info regarding VAP's) still tells me this error message:

lib_init()failed: unknown layer type error 0x323.

What now?

A second question is:

For injecting packets everyone needs a driver-patch, right?

THX in advance!