Since I did not really see anything here that helped me install compiz and emerald on my macbook I figure I would pass along what I learned.

My setup:
MacBook with BT3 installed to hard drive
Intel GMA 950 graphic chipset

1. Make sure you have slapt-get and gslapt installed. This will help out with the install a ton. Use the repositories listed in the thread those are the ones I used.
If you dont please refer here

2. Open Gslapt and update the package cache.

3. Search for "compiz"

4. Right click and select "install" for all of these packages.
libwnck version 2.18.3-i486-1
fusion-icon 20080312-noarch-1as
libcompizconfig 0.7.4-i486-las
emerald 0.7.4-i486-las
compizconfig-python 0.7.4-i486-las
compizconfig-backend-kconfig 0.7.4-i486-las
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported 0.7.4-i486-las
compiz-fusion-plugins-main 0.7.4-i486-las
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra 0.7.4-i486-las
compiz-bcop 0.7.4-i486-las
compiz 0.7.4-i486-1sl
ccsm 0.7.4-noarch-las

If there are any needed dependencies install them, I don't think it needed any on my system but ymmv.

4. I then went to . Depending on your card you might need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf follow the instructions closely. I had to add new sections to my xorg.conf

5. I restarted xserver and then opened compiz fusion icon
KDE > System > Compiz Fusion Icon

At this point the icon should be in the system tray. Right click then "set window decorator as Emerald" Then you can open up the settings manager and have fun with all the new options. I am still not able to get all of the plugins to work, but almost all of them do. I am not sure if it is my graphics card or what. If anyone has any advice or questions feel free to post and ill try to help out