I got USB set as local disk. I used GParted to split my USB into two partitions, the first is FAT32 & the second is Ext2.

FAT32 =~ 9 GB
EXT2 should be around 7 GB

USB size is 16 GB

FAT32 is set properly, but ext2 can be applied!

After i follow all the steps to make ext2 & click apply, the file system fails & shows as unknown. I checked the details, it says:

Unable to detect file system! Possible reasons are:
The file system us damaged
The file is unknown to GParted
There is no file system available(unformatted)

FAT32 is set as primary partition as well as EXT2. If i choose Extended, it works but no file system can be specified, i want it ex2 so i can save changes for BT3...BT3 not yet installed in FAT32

Note: i'm booting GParted from live CD. My OS is Vista...

Any idea how to fix it?