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Thread: Airolib-ng: can't find help i'm looking for

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    Default Airolib-ng: database creation doesn't work

    i followed everything in xploitz's tutorial on creating a database using airolib-ng. it all looks like it's working the way it should, but it isn't. i'm using BT3 final which seems to have versions of aircrack, airolib, and sqlite that are needed. however, i have a password list that is about 22 megabytes that contains my correct passphrase and it does not work. it seems like when i run aircrack, it runs for literally a second and it's done. doesn't give me any info like "passphrase not in dictionary" or that it has found the passphrase. just says "quitting aircrack-ng". i have been looking through these forums a few times a day for the last few days trying to get info on this and i haven't found a thing. i am new to the forums as well, so i apologize in advance if i'm missing info or if this has been answered before.

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    It would be helpful if you post the exact commands and maybe the output you have used.
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    So, i did come up with a little more info on this. when i use a dictionary that's 6 KB it works fine. when i use a list that is 11 MB, i have an issue. both lists have one item per line, with a return starting each new line. here's what it looks like when i run into the issue:

    bt ~ # airolib-ng testdb --import essid ssidlist
    Database <testdb> does not already exist, creating it...
    Database <testdb> sucessfully created
    Reading file...
    bt ~ # airolib-ng testdb --import passwd biglist.txt
    3Reading file...
    Writing...nes read, 731595 invalid lines ignored.
    bt ~ # airolib-ng testdb --clean all
    Deleting invalid ESSIDs and passwords...
    Deleting unreferenced PMKs...
    Analysing index structure...
    Vacuum-cleaning the database. This could take a while...
    Checking database integrity...
    Query done. 2 rows affected.
    bt ~ # airolib-ng testdb --batch
    Computed 25000 PMK in 234 seconds (106 PMK/s, 225000 in buffer).
    bt ~ # airolib-ng testdb --verify all
    Checking all PMKs. This could take a while...

    bt ~ # aircrack-ng -r testdb wpatest-01.cap
    Opening wpatest-01.cap
    Read 900 packets.

    # BSSID ESSID Encryption

    1 00:22:6B:A7:C3:6B testap WPA (1 handshake)

    Choosing first network as target.

    Opening wpatest-01.cap

    Aircrack-ng 1.0 rc1 r1085

    [00:00:00] 24663 keys tested (38526.49 k/s)

    Current passphrase: Kawabata

    Master Key : 74 75 F3 D0 4E 33 D9 B9 ED 71 DB 05 CA 79 8E 45
    43 DB 57 B0 72 B3 41 C0 11 87 F0 C5 61 C7 6F AE

    Transcient Key : D5 D5 17 60 A9 D4 B4 F5 00 AE 52 A8 FB 0C 63 EA
    62 6D F6 F3 6A 94 5B FB F4 CA CA 60 C8 EB 29 0A
    0E 85 CB 64 4F A6 9A 76 89 A8 20 41 68 AB 56 FC
    23 68 80 59 34 15 47 C3 28 83 FC FB 91 D6 30 D1

    EAPOL HMAC : 37 4E F5 4A 62 40 36 F1 E7 2D DF 24 DC 82 5D 9E

    Quitting aircrack-ng...
    bt ~ #

    i did find post #17477 had the same issue, but there was no resolution. in the post it says to start with a smaller dictionary to see if it works, and i did. i do have the same issue described in that post though. anyone have any thoughts?

    maybe i should put this in a different category?

    so.... if anyone was looking to the answer to this, it was because i was quitting the batch prematurely. after going crazy trying to figure out why it was happening, i realized that it displays the results 25000 at a time and therefore the batch was not completing. i thought that since i was using a newer version than xlpoitz was in his tutorial, that i wasn't getting that essid part of the message. anyways, i resolved this one on my own.

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