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Thread: Help with special characters in aircrack/cowpatty

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    Default [SOLVED] Help with special characters in aircrack/cowpatty


    I've been stumped by this problem for a while.
    When using aircrack or cowpatty, they can't seem to read my dictionary files correctly as I have special characters in it " !$)^ "
    Aircrack will just say the password is not in the file, and cowpatty returns an error about an unexpected token " ') "

    I've read, and re-read, this article on special characters _single_quote_etc._in_ap_names
    but I am still confused.


    It seems learning about escape characters is a must
    To sum it up briefly:

    Before any special character (which includes a white space), insert a backslash " \ ".
    would become: \£2\*\"s\*\!
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