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Thread: * starting network connection manager wicd [fail]

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    Question * starting network connection manager wicd [fail]

    hello, i have backtrack 4 pre final and it was working fin, till now when ever i try (for sure as root) to start the NETWORK it fails to do that!!! i have tried different commands that i found using google the all gave me the same error:
    * starting network connection manager wicd [fail]
    any ideas why i??!! i want to update to 9.10

    thanks in advanced

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    Default Re: * starting network connection manager wicd [fail]

    We dont support BT4 PreFinal here so I suggest you install BT4 Final. 9.10 is an Ubuntu version, you cant update BackTrack to this. Have you added Ubuntu repositories to BackTrack or vice versa? That will break your system.
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