Good Afternoon Gents,

Recently I purchased a new laptop for myself - I'd been after one for years - and soon became engrossed in the wide world of wireless networks, and their security.

I am going to be helping my neighbour with his and her wireless network security. I'm OK at setting it up but I'm no good with testing.

I have on my laptop, many many many wireless infiltration softwares such as aircrack and airdump, airsnort, easy wifi radar, etc, but I'm not sure if I have the correct hardware for the task in hand. When I try to catch IVs I cannot set up my wireless network adaptor for it, so without further ado I will relinquish the details.

OS: Windows Vista Home Basic SP1
Latop Model: Acer Extensa 5520
RAM: 1gb
Network Adaptor: Broadcom 802.11g

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and if you're all nice to me I will bring cake.