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Thread: Big Airodump output does not fit in Shell window

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    Default Big Airodump output does not fit in Shell window

    On my Acer Aspire one I have Backtrack at 800*600 resolution.

    Airodump-ng works just fine, until you have MORE than about 20 networks found.
    Then I cant see all of the rows of station info below the network rows... they just dont fit in the shell window. For example I can just see the first 3 or 4 rows with station info... the rest is pushed down and not visible! :/

    What to do? Is it possible to change to smaller font to have more room for rows? Or what?! Dont tell me this is a bug!

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    change the resolution dude. I'm not an owner of aspire one, but I'm more than sure 800x600 is not it's max power. Try searching for howto's on configuring this monitor with linux.

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