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Thread: need 8 char A-Z wordlist

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    Default solution

    after doing abit of googling i came across 'sed' the text manipulation tool, and i have figured out a work-around. Use crunch to generate the keys, then remove unwanted lines with sed...

    /pentest/passwords/crunch/./crunch 8 8 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ -t A@@@@@@@ | \
    > sed -e '/AA/d' -e '/BB/d' -e '/CC/d' -e '/DD/d' -e '/EE/d' -e '/FF/d' -e '/GG/d' -e '/HH/d' -e '/II/d' -e '/JJ/d' -e '/KK/d' -e '/LL/d' -e '/MM/d' -e '/NN/d' -e '/OO/d' -e '/PP/d' -e '/QQ/d' -e '/RR/d' -e '/SS/d' -e '/TT/d' -e '/UU/d' -e '/VV/d' -e '/WW/d' -e '/XX/d' -e '/YY/d' -e '/ZZ/d' > file.lst

    i realize it isnt very efficient 'resource-wise' but it works. Now i can just pipe this to pyrit if i need to.
    This will remove all lines with 2 identical adjacent chars! Still a very big file tho!

    The first '\' is followed by a 'return' then prompted with a '>'.

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    Default bruteforge

    if you are interested into add a char's repetitions rule, or skipping consecutive chars put an eye at bruteforge

    update: rewritten version in python at the blog,
    76000 words/s, unique char composing, custom patterns importing, promising

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