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Thread: BT3 + Persistant Changes

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    Default BT3 + Persistant Changes

    Hello im new to the BT3 distro and was wondering how the BT3 + Perst. changes worked.

    im asking this because im haveing problems with my install.

    i partitioned my 2GB flash drive (1st partrion vfat, 2nd ext2), made my file systems, set part.1 to W95 FAT32, made part.1 bootable and then wrote it to the disk.

    next i copied my boot and BT3 folders to my /media/disk (i use ubuntu 8.10) i chmod 777 lilo, and chmod 777 syslinux in the syslinux folder then edit the syslinux.cfg changes=/slaxsave.dat.... to changes=/dev/sdc2

    i run and it works fine. after i reboot i i choose BT3 + Persistent Changes. it all works fine and i adduser and next time i boot its all gone, i always boot into BT3 + Persistent Changes.

    Please help!

    P.S i used umattu's tut. to guide my install.

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    Ever tried looking at the BT3 Final - Tutorials section on this forum? and... did you create changes folder? point changes to changes folder? changes is on ext2/3?

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