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Thread: wusb54gc wont inject

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    Default wusb54gc wont inject

    Using backtrack 3 in vmware
    have enabled usb in removable devices

    can see device in iwconfig

    it is in monitor mode

    have installed patch as described here:
    Open up a shell and type:
    wget hxxp://
    tar -xjf rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.2.tar.bz2
    cd rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.2/Module
    then, as root, type
    make install
    modprobe rt73
    and these commands as directed:
    Using driver with aircrack-ng
    as root:
    iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor
    airodump-ng rausb0 ...
    if you want to use aireplay-ng:
    iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
    aireplay-ng rausb0 ...
    The newer versions of the driver should properly setup the attributes, so simply:
     ifconfig rausb0 up
     airmon-ng start rausb0
     ... use the aircrack-ng suite tools you want
    However the second set of commands ( minus the ...) gave me this

    bt ~ # aireplay-ng rausb0
    Please specify an attack mode.
    "aireplay-ng --help" for help.
    Finally when attempting the injection test using

    bt ~ # aireplay-ng -9 rausb0
    18:29:14  Trying broadcast probe requests...
    18:29:16  No Answer...
    18:29:16  Found 0 APs
    As you can see the test has failed. Strange because airodump is seeing several AP's now including mine.

    I also tried it using the ap mac.
    That test gives me this:

    bt ~ #  aireplay-ng --test -e ACTIONTEC -a 00:15:00:05:c8:a9 rausb0
    18:53:47  Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:15:00:05:C8:A9) on channel 12
    18:53:57  No such BSSID available.

    One thing I have noticed is that when running aireplay it looks at a different channel every time ( ap is on 9 ) and airodump is switching channels all over.

    Thats about all the info I have. I know this chipset r73 is a good one and it should work.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    1) Why are you compiling and installing a patched driver when its already provided with backtrack releases?

    2) With ralink chipsets I believe the device needs to be up in order for anyone to proceed, this includes changing the mode of the driver to rfmon mode.

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    Learn 802.11 basics first before trying any penetration attempt on AP as by using your command I can see that you are in very hurry to crack the is the deal for you

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