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For the puposes of demonstrating and teaching about security and the reasons for strong keys, passphrases, etc. relative to wireless security we installed:

VMWare Player 3.0.0 build - 203739.

BACKTRACK 3 ISO was downloaded (bt3-final.iso, 728MB) and setup to run in the VMPlayer using the "Other Linux 2.6.x kernel".
The following BACKTRACK 3 SETTINGS were modified:

Memory 2048MB
Processors 2
USB Controller Automatically connect new USB devices was DISABLED(un-Checked).

I am a NEWBIE to VMWare Player and the BackTrack environments. Using a UNIX system (Bell Labs---a long time ago), then Linux, then etc.,,,,,etc. However, none have been used that have been or become available for these for probably 15 years or more. After looking at the BACKTRACK 3 SHELL and using HELP I see a lot of stuff I recognize and a lot that has been added (airmon-ng,,,,,,etc.).

We are Using a DELL Inspiron 1764 Laptop computer with WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM.

This Laptop computer came with the following wireless card:

BOARD: DELL Wireless 1520 Wireless-N WLAN mini card rev 2.02
CHIPSET: BCM4353/BCMb2056000
Manufacturer: BROADCOM

And, the card is working as expected with our Netopia DSL modem GATEWAY with WIRELESS. The wireless in the Netopia Gateway is set to use WPA/PKA security PHASEPHRASE and silent SSID.

Before the VMPlayer BACKTRACK 3 airmon-ng command was run we made sure the wireless network adapter in the DELL INSPIRON computer is set to "not connected".

The VMPlayer was started and BACKTRACK 3 was "POWERED ON" but When airmon-ng was started it did not list the DELL WIRELESS card.

The following was observed:

1. Checking in the BackTrack 3 VM for settings it shows the NETWORK ADAPTER is connected
but does not show the device name in the list.

2. While the BackTrack 3 VM is running any attempts to use the Windows 7 system to connect
to the Netopia Gateway/Wireless errors with "cannot connect" and a troubleshoot
basically indicates the device is in USE.

3. When the VM Player is terminated then Windows 7 can connect to
the Netopia Gateway/Wireless.

4. After going to the BROADCOM web page it seems the above reported CHIPSET of BCM4353/BCMb2056000 is not listed on
their site even in current or legacy product listings.
Also, we don't know if this Wireless card/chipset can be set to MONITOR Mode and/or Insert MODE or has an updated driver
that does these settings??????

But, based on item 3 it seems that BACKTRACK 3 can open the card but cannot display the cards name in the settings display
(wlan0,,,,etc.,,,,) (???????)

Searches in this forum and google have been tried to see if this DELL Wireless 1520 Wireless-N WLAN mini card rev 2.02 is compatible with BACKTRACK 3 (airmon-ng), etc. If the information is there our search criteria was not good enough.

Any advice would be GREAT .

And, THANKS for your time, help, and advice!