I need to arp poisoning / redirect clients in some how the traffic from the LAN goes to my own machine (not forward to just sniff). Let me explain, I'm inside a network and I want to setup a fake custom service (it's part from a ERP) to steal authentication.

What's the problem?

They do not use DNS queries to arrive at this server (they use direct IP).
They do not use DHCP in this LAN.

Is there a way I can impersonate local users (a kind of arp poison, etc) to make all requests that should go to server (MAC 01:02:03:04:05:06) goes to my machines (MAC 66:66:66:66:66:66) ? Yes, I do not want to forward the traffic, I want to bind a port and myself response to this services.

Any ideas about how to do it in Windows or Linux?

Thanks mates.