I use several systems with BT3 (installed/USB/VMWare) for a while and just got into trouble with my new X-Mas GUSB600N WLAN Stick

No matter what driver is installed (Hirte/Nemesis/RT1.4.0.0) for this device the module can be loaded, the device is recognized by iwconfig BUT if I activate it by "ifconfig ra0 up", I get the following dmesg and the terminal hangs until the device is removed

Jan 5 16:34:03 (none) kernel: #
Jan 5 16:34:13 (none) last message repeated 9 times
Jan 5 16:34:13 (none) kernel: RTUSB_VendorRequest failed(-110),TxFlags=0x0, ReqType=IN, Req=0x7, Index=0x1000

A cross-check against Ubuntu 8.10 on VMware worked fine with the RT 14.0.0 Driver (lsusb data added for the device).

It seems to be VMWare related for what reason ever. I just tested with my eeepc 701G. BT3 USB + kernel.lzm + nemesis driver + WUSB600N -> everything ok, no issues. Monitor & Injection ok as far as I can see.

Very strange ...