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Thread: Why use airolib-ng?

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    Default Why use airolib-ng?

    If i use aircrack-ng alone it cracks at about 350 PMKs per second, but when I use airolib-ng and try to batch it only computes at about 150 PMK/s, and then verifying would take about the same time. After that I would also have to use aircrack. So what are the benefits of using airolib? Is it a lot better for cracking multiple networks?

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    Good observation that pre-computing the pmk takes almost as long or longer than just going though the dictionary with aircrack-ng.

    The best rationale for using airolib-ng is to precompute the pmk for common essids such as "netgear", "linksys", "dlink", etc.

    So that you could use the table for other routers and networks.

    There is a huge cowpatty rainbow table with common essids.

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    Yea, the COWF has the top 1000 ssid's (at the time of creation) in wigle precomputed with a custom dictionary. It's a few years old now, though I'm sure most of those ssid's are still in the top 1000.
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