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Thread: 802.1x Capture of Changing Keys

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    Question 802.1x Capture of Changing Keys


    In my network I use 802.1x to add security. I realize this is currently one of the best options out there.
    I was attempting to pentest my network to see if it is secure and I've discovered that I can capture some data using airodump-ng and it be successfully decoded using aircrack-ng.

    This was about 50000 packet and with wireshark I was able to see part of the data I was looking at (some video on youtube). Some data packets were unreadable and I guess that they were encrypted using another key.

    When I tested it again and captured more data, I wasn't able to recover a key.

    Therefore, is it possible to capture packets so that we can find the multiple keys and decrypt all the data?

    How can I prevent this on my network? make keys change faster?


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    you prob decoded yer own packets err maybe somebody else on your network was using the same auth info... i think even then the keys would be diff ... I know nothing of 802 auth

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    What specific 802.1x method are you using? TTLS? TLS? LEAP? PEAP? something else?

    How can I prevent this on my network? make keys change faster?
    Change your rekey default to be quicker.

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