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Thread: BT3 "remove all disks or other media"

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    Default BT3 "remove all disks or other media"

    So, i've installed the BT3 usb version and it went fine.
    After i've configured my pc to read from usb, i restarted my computer
    and i got this message:

    remove all disks or other media
    press any key to restart_

    The read from usb configuration is like so:

    1st boot priority: usb HDD
    2nd: hard disk
    3rd: CDROM

    And i've also tried-

    1st boot priority: usb HDD
    2nd: usb HDD
    3rd: usb HDD

    By the way, i've formatted my flash disc to just FAT and not FAT32,
    because when i format it to FAT32, after i configure the read from USB,
    i get another message:

    Cannot find kernel image: linux

    Please help me

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    rename the changes folder and start over or use this guide ( look for links on changes )

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