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Thread: Wireless Internet Connection Failing Somehow

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    Question Wireless Internet Connection Failing Somehow

    Okay, so I just recently installed from a Live CD a new copy of Backtrack 4 Final. Now, uh'-- I finally figured out how to get my Wicd Manager to load after failing numerous times. And now, once I try to access my hidden wireless network-- it keeps stating that it won't connect. I set it to "Use Encryption" and the type of security is WPA (Passphrase). I enter the said Passphase for my network, and for whatever the reason-- it just refuses to connect. I find this strange, because I'm able to connect to it while on both my laptops (Besides the one running Backtrack 4: They're running Windows 7), and my iPhone 3G. So, I highly doubt that there is something wrong with my router. Can someone please help me out on this? Thank you in advance. I've read plenty of articles of the power of BackTrack4, and I know it's a very useful operating system. Please, help me out on this somebody. Thanks again.

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    Go to "Network" (left-upper corner of wicd window) and select "Connect to hidden network" (or something like that [can't check now]). Insert the name of your AP on the box that appears, OK, refresh. Now your network should appear with it's name instead of "<hidden>".

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