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Thread: Carwhisperer - problem with RFCOMM

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    Default Carwhisperer - problem with RFCOMM

    Hello Everyone,

    that's my first post here, so I made sure to do couple of hours googling before writing here.

    I am trying to run carwhisperer with my personal Bluetooth Jabra headset.
    I got Thinkpad T61 with internal bluetooth device.

    when I switch headset into discovery mode - it's properly recognized by Backtrack:

    bt ~# hciconfig hci0 up
    bt ~# hcitool scan hci0
    xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Jabra BT135
    the problem is when I try to run carwhisperer:
    bt ~# carwhisperer 0 /mnt/sdb1/mydocs/carwhisperer/message.raw input.raw xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    Voice setting 0x0060
    Can't connect RFCOMM channel: Operation now in progress
    when I tired to run carwhisperer using cw_scanner - I had to modify some scripts (change paths etc) - but after I get rid of all other errors - I got exactly the same error message as above.

    does anyone know what's going on?
    maybe bluetooth needs some more setup than just "hciconfing hci0 up" with backtrack?
    (I have some moderate experience with linux but never did anything with bluetooth...)

    any hints would be welcome,

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    Not sure if the explanation in the below thread on RFCOMM will help you out with carwhisperer, but seems to be
    the most comprehensive thread on bluetooth that I have seen here ;

    Give a shout to tell how you getting on !

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