Okay, so i updated fast track, supposedly, i have backtrack 3 installed to my pc

So it says

*** FreeTDS and PYMMSQL are installed. (Check) ***
*** PExpect is installed. (Check) ***
*** ClientForm is installed. (Check) ***
*** Psyco is installed. (Check) ***
*** Beautiful Soup is installed. (Check) ***
*** PyMills is installed. (Check) ***

Also ensure ProFTP, WinEXE, and SQLite3 is installed from
the Updates/Installation menu.

And yet when i navigate to the install menu

Fast-Track Installations

* Represents Dependencies for specific tools
in Fast-Track

1. Install Slapt-Get
2. Install Everything:
* PExpect
* Sqlite3
* ClientForm
3. Return to Main Menu

I have everything installed, and the newest fast track, ive rebooted several times now, someone want to help me?

Updating Fast-Track, please wait....

Checking for the new versions of Fast-Track...

Update MD5 SUM: f66139f1ec8d1d9fdf75d83186f62728
Current MD5 SUM: f66139f1ec8d1d9fdf75d83186f62728

You are up-to-date with the latest Fast-Track version.