Hi everyone,

I have installed in HDD BT3 FINAL, im running using GNS3-0.6 with dynamips, work perfect, but when i try to connect the routers with my "real network" (eth0), don't work;

I found this way, actually is for ubuntu, but i can't find the 'tunctl' to create de bridge interface, there are another command o method to create bridges interface, or way to make work GNS3 with my LAN at BT3

I try it to install 'tunctl 1.5' but show me this errors:
bt tunctl-1.5 # make
cc -g -Wall -o tunctl tunctl.c
docbook2man tunctl.sgml
make: docbook2man: Command not found
make: *** [tunctl.8] Error 127

Method for Ubuntu
1. Create a tap interface
sudo tunctl -t tap0
2. Remove ip addressing and set eth0 and tap0 to promiscuous mode
sudo ifconfig tap0 promisc up
sudo ifconfig eth0 promisc up
3. Create a new bridge interface
sudo brctl addbr br0
4. Add tap0 and eth0 to the bridge group
sudo brctl addif br0 tap0
sudo brctl addif br0 eth0
5. Enable the bridge interface and give it an ip address
sudo ifconfig br0 up
sudo ifconfig br0
6. Configure the default route
sudo route add default gw

THx !!!