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Thread: help with the eeePC 70x enhancing module

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    Default help with the eeePC 70x enhancing module

    I downloaded the eeePC 70x enhancing module from[/url] and since I was on a hard drive install I used lzm2dir eeepc701.lzm / and now i cant get a gui anyone know how i can fix this?

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    not sure if this will work but here goes:

    boot from your BT3 usb or cd, mount your BT3 install partition, ls the contents of / , there should be a newly formed eee*** directory, rm -fdr said directory, if you made any corresponding changes to your lilo.conf that pertain to the eee701 module, chroot and undo those changes, then lilo -v and type exit, then reboot

    hope that works, if not, then just reinstall i guess with the module already in place
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