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Thread: bt3 dont boot in vista 32bit

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    Exclamation bt3 dont boot in vista 32bit

    hey all,
    i have this problem when booting bt3f in usb drive:
    starts booting then the screen turns black and stay like that forever...
    if a push thepower botton starts loading bt3 but stops in 3 seconds and stays again like that forever.
    usb is fat 32 and is bootable by bootinst.bat
    any help about wont bt3 boot normaly?

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    With the total lack on information you have provided, it would impossible to give you any meaningful advice.


    1. Check the MD5 of the download
    2. Try other bootmodes from the menu
    3. Try using the cheetcodes from the wiki
    4. Check your hardware against the HCL on the wiki
    5. Check the forum for other people with similar hardware and whether they have had any problems and what solutions they found.
    6. The OS installed on the machine has no effect on BT at all

    If none of that helps, then post back including full and detailed information of hardware, steps taken, any errors and their associated messages.

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    Sounds like the login screen is there but you cant see it ,when you boot and get the black screen ,simply type root and press enter,then type toor and press enter,then type startx and press enter.

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