Hey guys, I've been working on installing BT3 to my Samsung NC10 lately and I've had a few problems.

Problems I've ran across...
1. X doesn't start
2. Unable to put built in wireless card into monitor mode
3. Unable to use wired NIC.

Fortunately, I've found a solution to all of these.

1+2.) After a little searching I found this website which has a module for fixing an EEEPC issue but that same module fixes the X server and wireless card problems. I've put a mirror of the module here or you can download it from the above site. I only had the X server error when using my hdd install, so lzm2dir that module in / and reboot. If you're on a usb install, just put the module in your modules folder. I hope this is all self explanatory to you. Also, change your vga boot parameter to "vga=785".

3.) This is simply a case of installing the correct driver. A quick search on Google turned up a driver for the NC10's wired NIC (Marvell 88E8040) straight from the manufactor along with an install script that worked beautifully. I was expecting a long and frustrating process, but finding this just made my day. Anyway, download the driver (or download it from thier site ... I like having multiple mirrors.) extract it and run the install.sh file. Follow the instructions (I deleted the existing driver when given the option), reboot and you should be good to go.

If I run across more problems with the NC10 and BT3 I'll post them here when I find solutions.

Edit: I'm working on installing Compiz now and while it's working properly, (I had to change kernel versions to get it working) it is VERY slow and freezes often. I guess that's what happens when you try to run it on an Atom processor but I have 2gb of ram in the mail now and I'm hoping that makes it run better.

Credit: It looks like that module came from this thread. Kudos.