Would any of you guys know anything about the D-Link DIR-451/452 3g routers? I was given one today it is labeled DIR-450 on the bottem and face. But when I pull it up to configure it with my verizon card it comes up as DIR-451.
The difference is 450 works with evdo "verizon" 451 with ATT.

My guess is the hardware would be the same inside for both versions. My search did not turn up proof of this though.

As a shot in the dark I tried to manually config my card. Of course the easy road never works.

Next I tried to load the firmware update for the 450 version of my card. Well the next easiest road was a dead end also.

So would any of you have any suggestions for my newest $200 dust collecting apperatice?
Like flash it with some embedded distro?

I know it is not a BT question. But after lurking here for a few weks, think I would trust your ideas over most of the other boards.