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Thread: Firefox Browser keeps closing.

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    Default Firefox Browser keeps closing.

    Hi guys.
    I have been running BT3 live from a usb stick for a couple of weeks now, But of late i am getting problem of firefox going off the screen.
    When i click back on firefox browser icon i am asked if i want to load previous session, i click yes, or start a new session but firefox does not open.

    I have not made my usb to save any changes, it is purely a live device as it loads quicker than the disk, so i do not think anything has happened to the usb device, or can this device still pick up viruses and spyware.

    By the way it is BT3 Final.

    Thank you and a happy new year to you all.

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    i had this problem for the longest time and could never really figure it out, however i did notice that as soon as installed libxml2 firefox began to not kick my a$$ " slapt-get --list | grep libxml " or libxml can be installed from the bluesmash installs/updates menu
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