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Thread: Reformating BT3 partition

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    Default Reformating BT3 partition

    I installed BT3 on my laptop, and after playing around with it, realized it was a bit over my head, until I can finish reading all the info on slackware I have bookmarked. I am planning on reformating that partition and installing Ubuntu, and I wanted to know how LILO would handle it, if that was something i need to edit before I erase the partition, since it's the MBR and all, I just want to make sure I'll be able boot into XP and edit it to boot into Ubuntu.


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    i would tell you just to leave BT3 alone, i know there are alot of people here that may get mad at me for saying that, but the only way you're gonna learn is by actually using the tools, there's an excitement that i've found only comes from setting up a scenario, using the tools and knocking that scenario out of the park that you can't get from books. which doesn't at all even approach answering your question but i feel like sometimes we (myself included) spend more time discouraging than encouraging, so that was me doing my part. anyways to answer your question, the actual partion you have installed BT3 on and the MBR are two seperate things and being as (from my own experience) Ubuntu's install is going to rewrite both those things you shouldn't really have a problem

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