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Thread: Backtrack 3 Live-CD / USB - Own Kernel and Modules

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    Default Backtrack 3 Live-CD / USB - Own Kernel and Modules

    Hi Guys.
    I have got a problem:

    I made my own 2.6.27-rc8 Kernel including Intel 5100 injection drivers.
    Also there are many modules. (Made it with a Virtual Machine)

    Everything works perfectly on my VM.
    But now i need to use the kernel and modules with a live-cd or a USB-Stick, because VMWare does not support PCI-Cards so i cant test my Intel 5100.

    I downloaded the Live CD and replaced the original vmlinuz with my own kernel. then i added my modules folder to the live-cd and wanted to start.
    It was possible to boot but then there was an error:
    "Fatal error occured - can't setup union (aufs)"

    I did the same thing on a USB Stick and there was still an error.
    Then i tryed to replace JUST the Kernel and again the same error.

    I noticed that there was no backgroundpicture after selectiong the BT3-Mode. The error appears right bevor extracting the Live-Folders.

    Can anybody help me please?
    Thank you

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    I'm not sure what you are trying to do...customize BT3 with new kernels and stuff and put it on a USB? Or, use an kernel-upgraded BT3 in VM to work with your wireless PCI card?

    If it is the later, then you are out of luck since VM doesn't work with PCI wireless cards for anything except standard ethernet connectivity, at least this is my understanding of the issue. You'll need to use a USB wireless card for that instead.

    If it is the former, then I think you are still out of luck. I've seen threads in this forum about people wanting to use upgraded kernels on a USB stick or Live CD for BT3, and the response was basically "can't be done due to how the lzm modules are compiled". Sorry I don't have the thread link about this, but I was looking into the same thing last month when I found the thread that told me I was screwed.

    If you search for upgrade kernel and USB you should be able to find the thread I'm referring to.

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    I am trying to use my own kernel with the USB-Version of Backtrack because my PCI-Card is not supported by the old kernel.
    The error appears when it trys to extrac the live-direcorys and files. Then it says "Fatal error occured - can't setup union (aufs)"

    My compiled Kernel is working, whats what i know for sure, tested it with a VM

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    I looked around the forums (you can too by the way), and found a few links that may help.

    1. (post #5 from pureh@te) mentions that you need to decompress all the .lzm's, build your kernel and then recompress. He also mentions that you still may have trouble because of all the BT specific patches.

    2. Detailed instructions. Don't know if it will fit your exact requirements.

    Here is the link to a very good google based search engine for these forums that may assist you in your searching for the answer:

    Good Luck...

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