Hi Guys.
I have got a problem:

I made my own 2.6.27-rc8 Kernel including Intel 5100 injection drivers.
Also there are many modules. (Made it with a Virtual Machine)

Everything works perfectly on my VM.
But now i need to use the kernel and modules with a live-cd or a USB-Stick, because VMWare does not support PCI-Cards so i cant test my Intel 5100.

I downloaded the Live CD and replaced the original vmlinuz with my own kernel. then i added my modules folder to the live-cd and wanted to start.
It was possible to boot but then there was an error:
"Fatal error occured - can't setup union (aufs)"

I did the same thing on a USB Stick and there was still an error.
Then i tryed to replace JUST the Kernel and again the same error.

I noticed that there was no backgroundpicture after selectiong the BT3-Mode. The error appears right bevor extracting the Live-Folders.

Can anybody help me please?
Thank you