i have the exact same issue! same setup and device. what's interesting is that if I use the boot cd version, everything is fine. the only issue is when i'm using the vmware version. any ideas on how to resolve this? thanks.

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Hello everybody. I have recently installed BackTrack to VMWare using the VMware image, not the first link which is the .iso. This allowed me to pick which removable devices I would like to connect to that particular workstation, unlike the first link (whatever the reason for that may be). When I turn on "Realtek RTL8187 Wireless Lan" from the removable devices menu, Backtrack sees it when I "iwconfig". However, once I put "airmon-ng start wlan0" the shell lags or something. It no longer responds to any commands I put in. Also, if I enable the adapter BEFORE starting BackTrack it hangs before even logging into the OS. I tried to include screenshots to better describe what I mean but apparently I am not allowed to do so. Please don't start egging me as this is a "Newbie Area" and search hasn't helped me.