Hi all,

I'm new to backtrack but have a few years of linux under my belt though I still consider myself a noob I've got a fresh install of bt3 on my hard drive per pureh@tes command line instructions(thanks pureh@ate!) and am I want to make sure I've got everything updated before I start learning about pen testing. I found some directions for using fast-track to update everything here(hxxps://island.byu.edu/blog/34/backtrack-3-installation-eee-pc). This is the part of the tutorial I'm using:

FastTrack gives you the ability to update the drivers and security packages installed on BT3; slapt-get is a Debian type installer that allows easy package installation (however it is not even close to having enough packages). Ok ok ok here we go:

1. Launch Fastrack (K –> Backtrack –> Penetration –> FastTrack) and have FastTrack update itself. After it updates, you will need to exit and relaunch. Next navigate to the “Fast-Track Updates –> Installation Menu –> Install slapt -get –> Install slapt-get”. After slapt-get is installed you must install a few packages before slapt-get can accept its update repositories. Apparently it is unable to accept the GPG/PGP signature verification of the update servers.

2. You need to install the packages that allows GPG verification. You can download the files here. To install first unzip the archive. Then do the following:

bt~#installpkg gnupg-1.4.7-i486-1.tgz

bt~#installpkg gpgme-1.1.4-i486-1.tgz

bt~#installpkg libassuan-1.0.1-i486-1.tgz

Now you are able to update slapt-get successfully. Now go back to the FastTrack menu that you were in a minute ago and choose the option that says Update Slackware (slapt-get –update –upgrade –ignore-excludes. This should now successfully accept all the repositories and update your system files. Note, this may take a few minutes. After it is finished you need to now choose the option Fast-Track Updates –> Installation Menu –> Install Everything. After that is finished you need to chose the option Fast-Track Updates –> Update Everything. After it is done you can exit FastTrack.

I'm just wondering if this is the best way to do this? I'm under the assumption that I can use slapt-get similar to the way I use aptitude under ubuntu(i.e.It keeps everything updated and manages dependencies). Is that the case?