Hi all,

This is my first post so bear with me.

The subject is vmware and ettercap arp poisoning:

I have been searching for some answers for arp poisonig in vmware and found

conflicting answers.

so here goes.

Im running vmware workstation 7 on windows 7 ultimate, and have various
vm OS running for pentesting.

Host = Win 7 with atheros ar928xx adapter
guest = BT3/BT4 attacker vmguest bridged with win 7 host
guest = Win xp sp2 vmguest bridged with win 7 host

Now using ettercap on eth0 in backtrack 3 with ip forwarding on
arp poison works and and filters work also, although chk poison plugin says
no poisoning. Fine but no good just arping on same laptop.

think working due to the fact that vmware kida poisons already for the bridge
so sniffing everything anyway.

So setup Win xp guest with usb wi ralink n adapter:

D.O.S!!!!!!!! no internet at all

Now i think that if i had backtrack using usb adapter in vmware and win xp

victim using usb adapter in vmware it would work correctly???????

So please advise this as true as some ppl say it would work with correct
vmware network settings , bridged , NAt, HOST ONLY ETC...

Also have a great cantenna using rtl8187 picking up to a mile away....