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Thread: Metasploit Migration Bug

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    Default Metasploit Migration Bug

    Hey everybody,

    I think I found a bug in Metasploit, in BackTrack 4 Final. I wanted to exploit Windows XP SP2 and test out the keystroke sniffer. I followed the instructions in this document, but when I got to the "migrate [pid]" command I hit enter and it just does nothing. I can Ctrl+C out of it, though this in turn makes no other commands available and I have to re-exploit the host to do anything again.

    I tested the same process with BackTrack4 Pre-release and it works fine.

    Thank you

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    there is no bug...

    1st msf on BT4 is a regular svn build from the original one, that's why you should also
    regularly update msf3, just execute
    sudo msfupdate
    2nd just read closely the howto's and do proper testing & logging to catch your issue.
    Start here: Metasploit Unleashed - Mastering the Framework >> 11 Maintaining access > Keylogging

    3rd if you'd like to submit a bug, go the the right web page:
    Metasploit Framework - Issues - Metasploit Redmine Interface


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    Default Re: Metasploit Migration Bug

    Thanks a lot!

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