I should receive mine in the mail soon ^^. So I was wondering what the most optimum driver would be to use in BT3f.

I'm way to confused with all of the r8187 rtl8187 rtl8180, ieee80211 mac80211 so would someone please give me an up-to-date explanation of what to use?

I don't just want it to work with aircrack-ng, I want it to work as good as possible with the suite (: .

Maybe the answer is simple - plug it into a fresh BT3 and that's as good as it gets.
I really don't know and have a hard time figuring out as most of the information I find seems to be outdated!
I understand if some people might see this as a spoonfeeding request. Oh wait, it is :b..... But one that I believe will benefit a lot of people! Thanks in advance,

keywords: RTL8187L chipset, AWUS036H, Alfa 500 mW