Hi Guys,
After some inactivity, I come back with a new question, kind of unusual, I have to admit.

I'll explain the context:
I'm a gamer, and I play Counter-Strike Source. I personally own a server. Fortunately, my server hasn't been hacked yet, but I have friend who have had theirs hacked, which isn't very pleasing to say the least.

This is how the attacker does it (at least according to the articles I have read on the internet): he sniffs the information that is coming into the server (static IP, obviously) whenever the client (admin of server) is using the rcon (remote control) password, which basically gives the sucker all the powers on the server. This is even made easier because the file is not encrypted, it is simple plain text that is transfered from the client to the server. Obviously only one person knew the password; so no chance of a leak.

There is supposedly a fix for this, but to be honest i do not trust it, because it doesn't involve in any way encrypting the information or anything that would stop one of those lame ****s from hacking a server. Therefore I'd like to try that on my server to make sure that it won't happen to me in the middle of an important match.

As you probably guessed from the way I explained the procedure, I am not really up-to-speed on what concerns sniffing, so if you could explain relatively thourougly on how to sniff, it would be of great appreciation!


P.S. I did read the "how-to"s on sniffing but I didn't quite find myself in them because this is an IP over the internet and seems more complicated (forgive me if I'm wrong and being idiotic )