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Thread: cant get the data in intel 3945 wireless card !!!

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    Angry cant get the data in intel 3945 wireless card !!!

    i followed the tutorial and did everything i was supposed to do, even then i cant manage to get the data.... beacons are planty... and the injection is also working.... i cant really find what could be the real problem.....

    pls anyone tell me where i am wrong pls.... when i give the command iwconfig down wifi0 before changing mac address, it gives me error..... and doesnt allow me to down the card....

    i can enable & disable monitor mode using modprobe ipwraw.....

    beacons are plenty but there are no enough data... i mean literally zero.... i am not finding where i went wrong.... and also association was not successful.... authentication was successful....

    all other steps works perfect..... pls anyone tell me what to do now step bystep.... i am a computer noob... i have only little knowledge about linux.........

    pls help me make my intel pro wireless work on backtrack 3 and help me find the wep key of my home network atleast pls....

    thanks in advance...

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    Which attack mode are you trying to do, and is there a client connected to the AP to actually generate any data? Most APs send out none, or very little, data on their own and unless there is a client connected you might have to wait around a long time to intercept a packet to replay. This is especially true if you are using the ARP-replay attack (-3) as it will disregard all other data packets than ARPs.
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    you may wanna look at the thread i made

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