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Thread: How do I get the IP address of a wireless router if I know the MAC addy and SSID?

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    Default How do I get the IP address of a wireless router if I know the MAC addy and SSID?

    Let me try this again, since a few people whose names I will not mention trashed my last post with their bad attitudes and lack of any helpful advice.

    I am a newbie to the BT3 and wardriving worlds, but my goal with this is little more than proof-of-concept work - go around to different places doing pentesting to teach people how to secure their networks from outside attacks - basically like a freelance security analyst (if there even is such a thing). I plan to test BT3 out on my home network first, then move on from there. The reason I want to learn how to get IP address information of a wireless router when I only have the router's SSID and MAC address is because that is how I would have to do it in the real world.

    I am so new to BT3 that I don't have any idea what programs can get me that information, and nobody here is being helpful at all.

    If you're going to throw an attitude and not help, then please refrain from responding to this post. I will only accept responses from those who are genuinely going to help without being n00b-haters.

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    You have managed to piss me off in every way. First you start a thread based on ignorance and no knowledge what so ever. Then you fail to provide the info the other members requested. Not only that but now you have the nerve to start another thread on the same topic which is a blatant violation and disregard for the rules you agreed to when you signed up here.

    You were given answers in your thread to the topic of "war driving" which is what you started out talking about. You simply got defensive when we questioned you and choose not to spoonfeed you the answers to your questions (which made no sense anyway).

    The are plenty of retards on this forum who will undoubtedly PM you and post all sorts of ways you can get your self into trouble and most likely arrested but I am not one of them and neither are thorn, streaker and barry.

    The funniest part about the whole thing is you want to do this for free which not only can take work from people on this forum who do it for a living but it also gives real security analysts a bad name. I can see you now knocking on some poor old mans door saying "excuse me sir but I'd like to hack your network and most likely cause some irreparable damage and then I'd like to secure it for you after that and the best part is I'll do it all for free. Did I mention your my first client..... ever!"

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