I know some of you on here mite flame me for this....bit of background first

Ive always been into computers since i was about 8 years old, my interest peaked about 3 mths ago when i came accross backtrack. im steadly going through the different programs, different 'hacks' etc, the ulitmate goal being freelance comp security for home networks (youd be supprised how many WEP ap's there are in the UK still, about 50%)

Ive been doing my reasearch, finding things out for myself, getting hands on with programs etc etc but im not 100% sure what my next project should be.

What ive learnt so far- WEP insecurities and how to get around them, ETTERCAP and all the features, plugins etc, NMAP simple scaning (which is my current project)

Once ive fully explored Nmap, i.e finding open ports, im not sure what my next project should be.

From what ive read so far it would either be Evilgrade, accessing shared files with Samba, or Metasploit (which i think will be next on the list)

Any suggestions where i should go from here or reading guides anybody can give/point me in the direction of would be much apprisiated