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Thread: install BT3 in virtual disk like wubi

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    Lightbulb install BT3 in virtual disk like wubi


    first i like to apologise if i ask this in the wrong area or if some one ask it before.

    I'm new to linux and only use live cds, i never installed linux to my hard disk with out losing all the data my last installation damaged the MBR .

    I searched for easy way to install linux with windows and i found great tool call wubi the idea is very simple but smart instead of installing Ubuntu to hard disk partition the installer create only virtual disk ( single file ) in windows partition, it's very safe if anything goes wrong you just uninstall the file. without touching the hard disk.

    i fond out that wubi installer use the following:

    Lupin is a modified initramfs building mechanism to create initrds that allow to install Debian based distributions inside a file, without modifying existing partitions.

    * gathers all information required by the installer, and provides an NSIS wizard to edit the settings (most settings are autodetected and genereally there is little to do other than choosing a new password)
    * generates a preseed.cfg file to be passed to lupin
    * downloads the ISO (supports download resume and multiple mirrors)
    * sets up grldr (grub for windows)
    * reboots the system so that ubiquity/lupin can take over and do the actual installation

    LVPM: Loopmounted Virtual Partition Manager, handles the migration of virtual disks to real partitions for Wubi 7.04 and 7.10

    is it possible to install backtrack the same way?

    Thank you

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    It is remotely possible to do something like this but by the time when you did all that, you would have learnt how to install linux properly and dealt with the various mechanisms.

    In other words, there is no point doing this, don't suggest it as backtrack was meant to be a livecd not some hard disk linux distro. You are welcomed to try it but you'll end up with various other newbies asking for help.

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