Ok straight to the point. I login to my created account. Then i type 'startx' but then my monitor flicks off then on again and back to the black screen with white writing asking for input with a load of things above it saying
"Disable CRTC 0 success
Disable CRTC memreq 0 success"

and many more lines like that. But recently it logged in and got to the 1st stage of the splash screen and Backtrack flashed an error basically saying out of disc space. How?! Its on a 10 gb partition and its a clean install. After it throws me out, it says "error in locking authority file /home/chris/.Xauthority"

But... And this is a wierd but... after i log in i type "sudo startx", it logs in with no trouble and no warning and all programs work.

Just in case its a hardware issue i am running: AMD Athlon64 3700+, Asus A8V motherboard, Sapphire HD 3650, 320 gb Barracuda SATA. And also have Windows 7 x86 dual booted with Backtrack 4.

An added thing is that it does exactly the same booting off the live dvd. Thanks in advance for all your help